Abigail’s Story

My name is Abigail. Last year December 20th. I went to the club, when I was coming back I saw some group of police people; though it was late hours, then I was coming back from the club. They were 5 in number. They stopped me and asked me where I was coming from, so I told them I was coming back from the clubhouse. They now ask me; don’t I know it was already late? I was like yes but, I don’t have a car and that is why I was just trekking looking for where I will get a taxi that will take me to my house. So they started asking me questions if being into drugs? So I told them no. so they were insisting that I use to take drugs and I told them no that I don’t take drugs. They were five in number; the other 3 guys were aside. It was the 2 guys that were asking me questions. They now said that I am into drugs and that they would search for me. So I now open my things and show them.

They were insisting and shouting at me. They started slapping me and hitting me. They ask me if am taking tramadol or codeine and I said no. they mention other drugs and after a while, I said yes. One of them immediately slapped me and I asked him what did I do? I was told I will be arrested and I started begging so they asked me that do I have money with me and I replied that am just coming from the club and that all the money I have is 2,000 Naira, that I don’t have anything again on me. I started begging them that they should please leave me, that if they want to take all the money, they can take it and let me go to my house.

They refused and started beating me, molesting me, and tore my clothes. The other guy forcefully climbed me to make love with me. So I was begging him that he will be the only one and that the rest of the guys will not do anything to me. So I started crying and begging them, but they refuse. The first one did, so the second one and the others. One after the other when one is doing, the others held my hand down. I was just crying, shouting but nobody was there to help me. This was around 2 am. They left me without money and my cloth was torn and I don’t know anybody in that area. So I trekked home.

With that experience. I just want to plead that the Nigerian people and Government should please educate our security men. My body was violated.