Detained Yet Unchanged

I used to work as a security officer in one of the banks in Abuja. One day after work I was with some of my friends and we were smoking cannabis. Suddenly we sighted the police coming for us and we all ran. Unfortunately for me I got arrested while the others escaped. I was …

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Abigail’s Story

My name is Abigail. Last year December 20th. I went to the club, when I was coming back I saw some group of police people; though it was late hours, then I was coming back from the club. They were 5 in number. They stopped me and asked me where I was coming from, so …

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Tortured To Change

My parent knew I was doing drugs and it was getting out of hand and I had a couple of problems with my education. My parent got angry and was advised by someone, whom the only place he knew was a place where they torture someone to repent. Torture in the sense that, in your …

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