CSOs’ Engagement for the Sensitization of Targeted stakeholders on Drug Prevention Treatment and Care (DPTC)

The project which was implemented from 2019 – 2020 focused on sensitizing key stakeholders on the topic of drug use, drug dependence and Drug Prevention, Treatment and Care (DPTC). This was in response to the knowledge gap among stakeholders on drug related issues. Through the project, we were able to build the capacity of – Inter-law enforcement agents, primary and secondary health care workers, traditional community leaders, inter-faith religious leaders, community youth groups, and media practitioners.

A major objective of the project was to enhance target stakeholders’ understanding of how stigmatization and discrimination of people who use drugs impact on their human rights and willingness to access required services and support.


Over 323 stakeholders were trained on DPTC and 1,261 Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials were shared on the project.

YouthRISE Nigeria is a member of the National Technical Working Group on Harm Reduction in Nigeria and has successfully work other national stakeholders to develop a road map, guideline documents and monitor the implementation of pilot NSP in-country.

Successful advocacy and contribution towards the development of HIV prevention guideline document for key population in Nigeria.