Detained Yet Unchanged

I used to work as a security officer in one of the banks in Abuja. One day after work I was with some of my friends and we were smoking cannabis. Suddenly we sighted the police coming for us and we all ran. Unfortunately for me I got arrested while the others escaped. I was detained in one cell for three months and after I was transferred to another location where I spent nine months. My experience in detention was traumatizing. While in detention I learnt a lot of negative things.

Due to my arrest I lost my job and when I was finally released after one year I had no job. From what I learnt from my experience in detention I chose to start dealing in drugs. It is actually an unfortunate situation. You can imagine I was arrested while I was smoking Igbo (Cannabis) with some of my friends and never knew I would spend up to one year in detention and when I was finally released I became a drug seller, something I was not doing before I got arrested.