Drug Policy Reform

Nigeria the most populous African nation is witnessing a surge in availability and consumption of illicit drugs.

This is partly due to drug trafficking from the producer region through West Africa to the consumer countries. Beyond trafficking, drugs like methamphetamine is now being produced in the country as several clandestine methamphetamine laboratories has been discovered. Hence the goal of a drug free society can be described as utopia. Unfortunately, drug policy in the country has relied so much on law enforcement and use of punitive measures which has not reduced drug consumption.

Documented are also evidence of human right violations and public health challenges. Based on these, YouthRISE Nigeria has been at the fore front of advocating for reform of the country policy to ensure protection of rights, promotion of public health and holistic development of all young persons including those who use drugs. We are working with all relevant stakeholders including the government to ensure effectiveness of Nigeria drug policy.