Tortured To Change

My parent knew I was doing drugs and it was getting out of hand and I had a couple of problems with my education. My parent got angry and was advised by someone, whom the only place he knew was a place where they torture someone to repent. Torture in the sense that, in your first three months you get flogged, handcuffed both hands and legs, and put in a room where there’s no movement. Your hand and legs get swollen. You are flogged every time to give up on drugs and asked to make some religious recitation. Even though that’s my religion but I don’t think that is what the religion says. Unfortunately, my parent paid 25,000 nairas for me to be kept there for all those tortures.

I wish you can go there to pay a visit to see things by yourself. By all means try and have access to all the inmate and you will shed tears because of how people are being treated there.

There’s no freedom you don’t know what is outside, you don’t even see the sun because you’re always tied and being punished. They believed when they beat you thoroughly it might lead you to change. After staying there for like five months I became a senior and one day I said to some of the officials in the place that you can always drag a horse to a river, but you can’t force it to drink the water from the river. All these punishments now that you have made me get used to.

If I go back what I think on embarking on is even worse. At a time because the punishment is getting severe and I get fractured, so out of frustration and the torture I just have to start confessing that I won’t do drugs again just to have a break. So the torture made me to deceive them that I am a change person ready to be drug free. I had to swear that if I go outside to the world I won’t do that again. The day I was release from the center I couldn’t feel one of my legs because of all the torture. I will like to see that kind of place shut down because our parents don’t know what we face there.