Job Openings


Terms of Reference

YouthRISE Africa aims to mobilize and build the capacity of young people for harm reduction programming and effective drug control.

The organisation is seeking to engage young and experienced drug policy advocates as representatives in the following regions; west/central Africa, east Africa, northern Africa, and Southern Africa.


The representatives will;

  • Provide support to the strategic plan of YouthRISE Africa across the continent.
  • Support the mobilization of young people to be actively involved in drug policy advocacy based on evidence 
  • Improve visibility of YouthRlSE Africa’s operations in their region
  • Support the development of youth networks on drug policy and harm reduction targeted at youth population
  • Facilitate trainings and other capcity building development programs across the region
  • Represent YouthRISE Africa in committees, technical working groups, and other fora to influence human rights issues, programs, policies, and pieces of legislation to promote and protect the health and rights of vulnerable young people in Africa.
  • Identify, build, support, and manage relationships and networks with stakeholders, partners, coalitions, and government relations to facilitate program implementations within their regions
  • Ensure that capacity-building development activities are targeted toward stakeholders through awareness-raising activities, knowledge and information sharing, and formal capacity training.
  • Build robust and concrete relationships with civil society networks and private sector groups around ongoing campaigns.
  • Develop knowledge translation products for YouthRISE Africa, including evidence-based newsletters, talking points, and blogs that support drug policy and harm reduction interventions.
  • Engage social media as a tool to build and sustain a network of young people for evidence based policy and program action on drug control response across Africa


The applicant must:

  1. Be a young person  between the ages of 20 – 35 years
  2. Have experience in any of the following  areas :
    • Advocacy for policy reform and human rights
    • Social work practice
    • Program development
    • Research 
  3. Demonstrate outstanding leadership 
  4. Understand his/her region
  5. Be ready to learn and collaborate with other young people.


This advertised position is voluntary. However, commensurate stipends would be offered for time contribution and offers a rewarding opportunity to contribute to policy reform across Africa.

Application Procedure:

Any interested person who meets the above criteria should submit the following:

  1. Upload a 2 mins video highlighting his/her contributions to advocacy, policy reform, and/or human rights on any media platform
  2. Send the video link and a CV and cover letter highlighting the applicant’s relevant experience (maximum three pages); 
  3. Any other online links that support the applicant’s application (e.g. news article)

To ensure your eligibility, please adhere to the application guidelines.