#WeArePeople Campaign

WE ARE PEOPLE is a campaign designed primarily to raise awareness, garner commitment and protect human dignity irrespective of whatever or whoever is involved.

Putting it in context, WE ARE PEOPLE is an advocacy campaign that seeks to address the current negative perception about people with drug related issues, by promoting evidence based approach which considers drug use as a public health, human rights and development agenda. It rest on the fact that existing response has failed to effectively address the drug challenge in our society. Instead, it bears with it series of documented evidence of unintended consequences such as gross human rights violations, public health crisis; extra-judicial killings; corruption; stigma and discrimination.

Fundamentally, this campaign seeks to address the stigma and discrimination faced by People who use drugs, particularly those who are dependent. It rests on the fact that a person who uses drugs is not in any way different from you and me. He/she is not a criminal. The individual may simply require treatment/rehabilitation in some cases, given that not all drug users are problematic.In the same vein, this campaign is expected to address the human rights violations experienced by people with drug related issues, particularly young people.

The WE ARE PEOPLE campaign rests on the following key messages:

  • Drug Control should reflect the principles of Human Rights, and drug policy should focus on health and harm reduction.
  • A drug user is not a criminal; People Who Use Drugs should not be criminalized.
  • Stigmatization and discrimination of people with drug dependence should be mitigated.


WE ARE PEOPLE is an initiative of YouthRISE Nigeria as part of effort toward promoting evidence-based youth-centered drug policy in Nigeria.