Research and Development

Our research efforts are geared toward generating evidence for program improvement, to inform advocacy efforts and policy actions such as setting up policy agenda, supporting policy formulation and reform processes through:

Evidence Generation

We believe that evidence-based decision-making is key to creating lasting change, and we are dedicated to conducting research that is both rigorous and relevant. Through partnerships with leading researchers, organizations, and stakeholders, we are able to generate insights and identify best practices that can be used to inform decision-making at all levels. Our research spans a wide range of topics, from Drug Policy Reform, Health, Youth Empowerment, and we are constantly seeking new ways to expand our knowledge and improve our methods.

Information Dissemination

We focus on disseminating this information in ways that are accessible and useful to a wide range of stakeholders. We produce reports, briefs, and other publications that synthesize our findings and provide actionable recommendations. We also engage in outreach and advocacy to ensure that our research is reaching the key stakeholders who can drive change. Through our work on research and development, we are making a significant contribution to the drug advocacy field and the protection of the human rights of these key populations. We believe that our commitment to evidence generation and information dissemination is key to driving positive change and improving outcomes for all.