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Artvocacy tells the story of women's struggle through Art. Women around the world are disproportionately impacted by gender-based violence which manifests in the form of sexual coercion, abuse, rape, female genital mutilation, child/early marriage, sexual harassment, and assault. The publication revealed their struggles through paintings created by these women.

Policy Brief

Addressing Barriers to Effective HIV Prevention and Service Delivery Among People Who Inject Drugs in Nigeria. Despite the overwhelming evidence, there is a lack of adequate health services for drug users with policies and actions still punitive than being public health oriented.


The report clearly showed Nigeria's drug policy has been a reactive one to both internal and external pressures instead of being a proactive tool based on evidence of what works and what does not. There are systemic human rights abuses of young people who use drugs by both law enforcement agents and society at large.

A Decade Of Impact

YouthRISE Nigeria since its inception has been at the forefront of advocating for evidence-based policies and programs including harm reduction for People who use drugs. This publication is a summary of our impact in a decade.


This anthology seeks to amplify the quietened and unsilenced the silenced voices of many young women and girls who have had to endure the harsh realities of gender-based violence in our society.


Until drug use is seen as a public health issue and treated as such, we will not be able to bridge the gap in meeting the needs for treatment and care for people who use drugs


Research carried out by the UK NGO Release (experts on drugs and drug laws) into the effect of decriminalization found that of the 25 countries that had implemented such an approach.


YouthRISE Nigeria with the support of Open Society Foundation carried out regional consultation among young people, experts, and key stakeholders on key recommendations for a YouthCentered Drug Policy in Nigeria.


Ten steps to prepare your organization for working with children and young people who inject drugs. Globally, the protection and care of children and young people who inject drugs receive little attention. This tool is a product of a partnership between Harm Reduction International (HRI), Youth Rise, International HIV/AIDS Alliance and Save the Children and was developed in response to HRI research on injecting drug use among under-18s globally that highlighted gaps in the response for this group.


In Nigeria, due to cultural and societal norms, adolescent girls and young women often experience violence due to their gender and sexual vulnerability. The purpose of this publication is to amplify the voices that should be heard...


(June 26 2024, Abuja, FCT)- About 275 Civil Society Organizations and networks working on drugs, health, human rights and justice issues in Nigeria have today sent out an Open Letter to the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria pleading and appealing to him to REJECT AND ENSURE THE REMOVAL of “Death Penalty for Drug Offences” PASSED Bill for an Act to amend the NDLEA Act, 2004 (HB.472).